Friday, May 20, 2011

प्रबोधचंद्रोदय - मोह

मार्जालभक्षिते दुःखं यादृशं गृहकुक्कुटे ।
न तादृञ्ममताशून्ये कलविंकेऽथ मूषके ॥

- प्रबोधचंद्रोदय

mArjAla bhakShite duHkham yAdRuSham gRuha kukkuTe ।
na tAdRuk mamatAshUnye kalavinke atha mUShake ॥

- prabodhachandrodaya

When the cat eats the hen of the house, we feel very very sad. The same sadness is not there when it kills a sparrow or a mouse. This shows that the source of our sadness is attachment and not the real loss of life.

- Prabodhachandrodaya

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