Thursday, June 30, 2011

रामायण - अयोध्या - अनित्यता

सर्वे क्षयान्ता निचयाः पतनांताः समुच्छ्रयाः ।
संयोगा विप्रयोगांता मरणांतं च जीवितम् ॥

- रामायण, अयोध्या

sarve kShayantA nichayAH patanAntAH samut shrayAH ।
samyogA viprayogAntA maraNAntam cha jIvitam ॥

- rAmAyaNa, ayodhyA

Any accumulated wealth can dissolve in due time. Any position of power attained may come to an end. All the relations (children, wife) come to an end in death. There is nothing in this world that is permanent.

- Ramayana, Ayodhya

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