Sunday, July 10, 2011

भागवतमाहात्म्य - मुक्ति

अलं वृतैरलं तीर्थैरलं योगैरलं मखैः ।
अलं ज्ञानकथालापैर्भक्तिरेकैव मुक्तिदा ॥

- भागवतमाहात्म्य - मुक्ति

alam vRutaiH alam tIrthaiH alam yogaiH alam makhaiH ।
alam jnAna kathA AlApaiH bhaktiH ekaiva muktidA ॥

- bhAgavatamAhAtmya

Nothing is going to be benefited from doing ritualistic fasting, visiting holy places, performing various kinds of yoga, performing yajnas (holy pyres), listening to moral stories. Absolute devotion is the only way to attain salvation.

- Bhagavata Mahatmya

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