Wednesday, July 13, 2011

स्तोत्ररत्न - अच्युत

अविवेकघनांधगिज्ञ्मुखे बहुधा संततदुःखवर्षिणि ।
भगवन् भवदुर्दिने पथस्खलितं मामवलोकयाच्युत ॥

- स्तोत्ररत्न

aviveka ghana andha dik mukhe bahudhA santata duHkhavarShiNi ।
bhagavan bhava durdine patha skhalitam mAm avalokaya achyuta ॥

- stotra ratna

I am in the thick darkness without any knowledge. There is a incessant rain of miseries. In such a day, I have strayed from the righteous ways. Oh! Achyuta, please look after me.

- Stotra ratna

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