Monday, July 25, 2011

गोपाल इति मत्वा

गोपाल इति मत्वा त्वां प्रचुरक्षीरवांछया ।
श्रितो मातुः स्तनक्षीरमपि लब्धुं न शक्नुयाम् ॥

gopAla iti matvA tvAm prachura kShIra vAnChayA ।
shrito mAtuH stana kShIram api labdhum na shaknuyAm ॥

I thought you are a cowherd and came to your refuge looking forward to drink as much milk as I want. But your acquaintance has robbed me of the chance to drink milk from my own mother again. (by giving salvation and hence excused from being born again)

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