Friday, August 12, 2011

भागवत माहात्म्य - धर्मं भजस्व सततं

धर्मं भजस्व सततं त्यज लोकधर्मान्
    सेवस्व साधुपुरुषान् जहि कामतृष्णाम् ।
अन्यस्य दोषगुणचिन्तनमाशु मुक्त्वा
    सेवाकथरसमहो नितरां पिब त्वम् ॥

- भागवत माहात्म्य

dharmam bhajasva satatam tyaja lokadharmAn
    sevasva sAdhupuruShAn jahi kAmatRuShNAm ।
anyasya doShaguNachintanam Ashu puktvA
    sevAkathArasam aho nitarAM piba tvam ॥

- bhAgavata mAhAtmya

Always follow Dharma in its purest form. Do not follow what is defacto which changes from time to time and from place to place. Serve noble men (mendicants). Give up greed to get more and lust. Stop finding faults in others. Spend your time in serving others and listening to tales about God.

- Bhagavatamahatmya

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