Sunday, August 28, 2011

न स्मरसि त्वमात्मानम्

पथि धावन्निह पतितो रोदिष्यंबाकरावलंबाय ।
पतितोद्धारणसमये किं न स्मरसि त्वमात्मानम् ॥


pathi dhAvann iha patito rodiShya ambAkarAvalambAya ।
patita uddhAraNa samaye kim na smarasi tvam AtmAnam ॥

Oh! Krishna, you are playing the role of a small kid who has fallen down while running and is crying to get mother's attention. You want her to come and help you get up. Do you not remember your own plight when your devotees cry for help when they are stuck in this world?

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