Monday, October 10, 2011

विष्णुषट्पदी - सामुद्रो हि तरंगः

सत्यपि भेदापगमे नाथ तवाहं न मामकीनस्त्वम् ।
सामुद्रो हि तरंगः क्वचन समुद्रो न तारंगः ॥

- विष्णुषट्पदी

satyapi bhedApagame nAtha tavAhaM na mAmakInastvam।
sAmudro hi tarangaH kvachana samudro na tArangaH ॥

- viShNuShaTpadI

Even though we are one and the same (same universal matter, Gos is the whole of which we are the parts), there is a difference between you and me. I belong to you. But you don't belong to me. Just like the waves and the ocean are the same. The waves belong to the ocean. But the ocean does not belong to the wave.

- Vishnushatpadi

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