Friday, October 21, 2011

वेदान्तदेशिक - विबुधा

शिलं किमनलं भवेदनलमौदरं बाधितुं
     पयः प्रसृतिपूरकं किमुन धारकं सारसं ।
अयत्न मलवल्लिकं पथिपटच्चरं कच्चरं
     भजन्ति विबुधा मुधा ह्यहह कुक्षितः कुक्षितः ॥

- वेदान्तदेशिक

shilaM kimanalaM bhavedanalamaudaraM bAdhituM
     payaH prasRutipUrakaM kimuna dhArakaM sArasaM ।
ayatna malavallikaM pathipaTaccaraM kaccaraM
     bhajanti vibudhAmudhA hyahaha kukShitaH kukShitaH ॥

- vedAntadeshika

Can the grains collected not enough to douse the fire of hunger in the stomach? Can the water in the lakes not quench the thirst? Can the rags found on the streets not enough to make clothes to cover us? Even when all the life necessities are taken care of by nature, why do these scholars serve the King?

- Vedantadeshika

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