Wednesday, November 30, 2011

पञ्चतंत्र - मित्रभेद - शक्तिः

अप्रकटीकृतशक्तिः शक्तोपि जनतिरस्क्रियां लभते ।
निवसन्नंतर्दारुणि लंघ्यो वह्निर्न तु ज्वलितः ॥

- पञ्चतंत्र, मित्रभेद

aprakaTikRuta shaktiH shaktopi janastiraskriyAM labhate ।
nivasannaMtardAruNi langhyo vahnirna tu jvalitaH ॥

- panchatantra, mitrabheda

One may be strong. If he does not show is strength every now and then, he will be subject to public neglect. One may walk across fire when it hidden inside the wood. But the same can not be done when it is in the form of flames.

- Panchatantra, Mitrabheda

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