Saturday, December 10, 2011

भागवतमाहात्म्यं - अनाचारं हतं कुलं

अवैष्णवो हतो देशो हतं श्राद्धमपात्रकम् ।
हतमश्रोत्रिये दानमनाचारं हतं कुलम् ॥

- भागवतमाहात्म्यं

avaiShNavo hato desho hato shrAddhamapAtrakam ।
hatamashrotriyo dAnam anaachAram hatam kulam ॥

- bhAgavata mAhAtmya

A country is ruined when its people lose faith (in God). A ritual (for the dead) is ruined if there are no deserved people who can accept donations. Charity to given to some one who is not well versed with the scriptures is a waste. A whole family get ruined if it forgets the culture and traditions of the times.

- Bhagavata Mahatmya

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