Tuesday, December 13, 2011

पञ्चतंत्र - मित्रभेद - अमृतं शिशिरे वह्निः

अमृतं शिशिरे वह्निरमृतं प्रियदर्शनम् ।
अमृतं राजसंमानं अमृतं क्षीरभोजनम् ॥

- पञ्चतंत्र - मित्रभेद

amRutam shishire vahniH amRutam priyadarshanam ।
amRutam rAjasaMmAnam amRutam kShIra bhojanam ॥

- panchatantra, mitrabheda

In winter sitting beside the fire is like having elixir. When you see someone you like, it has the same feeling. Same is the feeling when you are decorated by the king. Very similar is the feeling when you eat rice baked in milk. One must consider all these very important in his life.

- Panchatantra, Mitrabheda

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