Wednesday, December 14, 2011

विश्वगुणादर्श - तन्वते देशसेवाम्

अशुभपुषि कलावप्यप्रमत्ताः स्वधर्मा
    दनुदिनमुपकारानाचरन्तो बुधानाम् ।
बहुजनपरिपुष्टौ बद्धदीक्षास्त एते
    तनुसुखमपि हित्वा तन्वते देशसेवाम् ॥

- विश्वगुणादर्श

ashubhapuShi kalau api a[pramattAH svadharmAd
    anudinam upakArAn Acharanto budhAnAm ।
bahujana paripuShTau baddha dIkShAsta ete
    tanusukhamapi hitvA tanvate deshasevAm ॥

- vishvaguNAdarsha

Even in the times of Kali (present age) when sin is on the rise there will be virtuous people who will not abandon their traditions. They will not lose their mind. They will continue to serve wise men every day. They will always strive to help as many people as possible. They do this as if they owe it to them. They do not care about their own bodily luxuries. Their sole aim will be to serve the country.

- Vishvagunadarsha

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