Monday, December 5, 2011

गरुड पुराण - शास्त्राणि

अभ्यस्य वेदशास्त्राणि तत्त्वं ज्ञात्वाऽथ बुद्धिमान् ।
पलालमिव धान्यार्थी सर्वशास्त्राणि संत्यजेत् ॥

- गरुड पुराण

abhyasya veda shAstrANi tattvam jnAtvA atha buddhimAn ।
palAlamiva dhAnyArthI sarvashAstrANi samtyajet ॥

- garuDa purANa

One must study all the veda and other scriptures. Understand the philosophy behind them. Once done, a wise man will leave the scriptures behind and take only the knowledge. Just like anyone interested in the grains will leave the husk behind. Scriptures are only a means and not the end.

- Garuda Purana

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