Monday, January 9, 2012

भागवत - आचार

ईश्वराणां वचः सत्यं तथैवाचरितं क्वचित् ।
तेषां यत् स्ववचोयुक्तं बुद्धिमांस्तत् समाचरेत् ॥

- भागवत

IshvarANAM vachaH satyam tathaivAcharitam kvachit ।
teShAm yat svavachoyuktam buddhimAMstat samAcharet ॥

- bhAgavata

Whatever God says (in the Bhagavadgeetha) is truth. But his actions may not always be right. A wise man must observe when He has acted in accordance to his words and follow only that. (This verse may be in response to critics of Lord Krishna's questionable methods of fighting evil with deceit)

- Bhagavata

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