Monday, March 12, 2012

हितोपदेश - गुणगणनारंभे

गुणगणनारंभे पतति न कठिनी सुसंभ्रमा यस्य ।
तेनांबा यदि सुतिनी वद वंध्या कीदृशी भवति ॥

- हितोपदेश

guNa gaNanA aaraMbhe patati na kaThinI susaMbhramA yasya ।
tenAmbA yadi sutinI vada vandhyA kIdRushI b havati ॥

- hitopadesha

When one starts counting good qualities, if out finger does not point enthusiastically at someone then what can we say about his mother. If she is a mother indeed, then who can be called as 'childless'? Ergo, having a son without good qualities is equivalent to not having a son (or worse).

- Hitopadesha

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