Saturday, March 17, 2012

त्रिशतीव्याख्या - नीति - धर्म

चत्वारो धनदायादाः धर्माग्निनृपतस्कराः ।
तेषां ज्येष्ठावमानेन त्रयः कुप्यंति सोदराः ॥

- त्रिशतीव्याख्या, नीति

chatvAro dhana dAyAdAH dharma agni nRupa taskarAH ।
teShAm jyeShTha avamAnena trayaH kupyanti sodarAH ॥

- trishatIvyAkhyA, nIti

Dharma, fire, king and thieves are brothers. They are the cousins of wealth. If the eldest of the brothers is humiliated (by wealth) then the other three will destroy wealth to take revenge. Ergo: wealth must be spent by never viloating Dharma, the moral code of life.

- Trishativyakhya, Neeti

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