Saturday, March 31, 2012

विचारदीपिका - जिह्वा दग्धा परान्नेन

जिह्वा दग्धा परान्नेन हस्तौ दग्धौ प्रतिग्रहात् ।
परस्त्रीभिर्मनो दग्धं कथं सिद्धिः कलौ युगे ॥

- विचारदीपिका

jihvA dagdhA parAnnena hastau dagdhau pratigrahAt ।
parastrIbhiH mano dagdham katham siddhiH kalau yuge ॥

- vichAradIpikA

In the Epoch of Kali (present times), the tongue gets burnt by eating food given by others. The hands get burnt by taking money belonging to others. The mind is burnt by thinking about other women. What is the path to achievement then?

- Vicharadeepika

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