Wednesday, April 25, 2012

रामायण मञ्जरी - किष्किंदा - दूरस्थः

दूरस्थो ज्ञायते सर्वः पर्वते ज्वलनादिवत् ।
चूडामणिः शिरस्थोऽपि दृष्यते न स्वचक्षुषा ॥

- रामायण मञ्जरी, किष्किंदा

dUrastho jnAyate sarvaH parvate javalanAdivat ।
chUDamaNiH shirastho api dRuShyate na sva chakShuShA ॥

- rAmAyanamanjarI, kiAShkindA

When things are far away, its a different perspective. Hence we can see things clearly - like a fire lit on top of a hill. But sometimes things very close to us can not be seen - like the gem on our crown can never be seen by our own eyes (without a mirror).

- Ramayana manjari, Kishkinda

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