Friday, April 27, 2012

रामायण - युद्ध - भ्राता

देशे देशे कलत्राणि देशे देशे च बांधवाः ।
तं तु देशं न पश्यामि यत्र भ्राता सहोदरः ॥

- रामायण, युद्ध

deshe deshe kalatrANi deshe deshe cha bAndhavAH ।
taM tu desham na pashyAmi yatra bhrAta sahodaraH ॥

- rAmAyaNa, yuddha

One may get wives in different places (countries) you visit. You may even get new relatives and friends. But I have not yet seen a country where one can get a brother (born from the same womb). (So, Ayodhya is special to me - as told by Rama).

- Ramayana, Yuddha

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