Saturday, April 28, 2012

गरुडपुराण - मुक्तिः

देहदण्डनमात्रेण का मुक्तिरविवेकिनां ।
वल्मीकताडनादेव मृतः कुत्र महोरगः ॥

- गरुडपुराण

dehadaNDana mAtreNa kA muktiH avivekinAm ।
valmIka tADanAt eva mRutaH kutra mahoragaH ॥

- garuDa purAna

How can one get salvation only by hurting his body? One must be a fool to believe so. Will beating the ant hill kill the big snake? Body is the anthill. The attributes of the soul interested in the worldly pleasure is the snake. Until those attributes are squashed, the soul can not be liberated.

- Garuda Purana

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