Sunday, April 29, 2012

भागवत - धर्मज्ञाः

देहवाग्बुद्धिजं धीरा धर्मज्ञाः श्रद्धयान्विताः ।
क्षिपंत्यघं महदपि वेणुगुल्ममिवानलः ॥

- भागवत

deha vAk buddhijam dhIrA dharmajnAH shraddhayAnvitAH ।
kShipanti agham mahadapi veNugulmam iva analaH ॥

- bhAgavata

It is natural that man commits sins by his action - of body, speech and intellect. But there are a few people who are courageous, know Dharma and have faith who can live their life so well that they destroy all those sins - as easily as fire destroys a cluster of bamboo shoots.

- Bhagavata

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