Monday, May 14, 2012

रामायण - युद्ध - स्त्रियः मान

न गृहाणि न वस्त्राणि न प्राकारास्तिरस्क्रियाः ।
नेदृशा राजसत्काराः वृत्तमावरणं स्त्रियाः ॥

- रामायण, युद्ध

na gruhANi na vastrANi na prAkAraH astitraH kriyAH ।
na eedRushaa rAja satkAraaH vRuttam AvaraNam striyAH ॥

- rAmAyaNa, yuddha

Houses, clothes, surrounding forts, veils and other royal protection can not protect a woman efficiently. It is the character of the woman that will protect her well.

- Ramayana, Yuddha

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