Wednesday, May 16, 2012

भट्टेंदुराज - दुष्ट

आदाय वारि परितः सरितां मुखेभ्यः
    किं नाम साधितमनेन महार्णवेन ।
क्षारीकृतं च वडवा दहने हुतं च
    पाताळमूलकुहरे विनिवेशितं च ॥

- भट्टेंदुराज

AdAya vAri paritaH saritAm mukhebhyaH
     kim nAma sAdhitamanena mahA arNavena ।
kShArI kRutam cha vaDavA dahane hutaM cha
    pAtAla mUla kuhare viniveshitam cha ॥

- bhaTTendurAja

What did the ocean do with all fresh water that it collected from the mouths of all rivers? It made it salty, fed it to the underground fire and distributed among the underworld dwellers. Even if you give something magnificent to wicked people, they will misuse it.

- Bhattenduraja

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