Tuesday, May 22, 2012

सभारंजनशतक - धैर्य शौर्य ज्ञान दान

न धैर्येण विना लक्ष्मीर्न शौर्येण विना जयः ।
न ज्ञानेन विना मोक्षो न दानेन विना यशः ॥

- सभारंजनशतक

na dhairyeNa vinA lakShmIH na shauryeNa vinA jayaH ।
na jnAnena vinA mokShaH na dAnena vinA yashaH॥

- sabhAranjanashataka

There can not be wealth without courage, victory without bravery, salvation without knowledge and fame without charity.

- Sabharanjanashataka

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