Sunday, June 10, 2012

शिशुपालवध - दैव

नालंबते दैष्टिकतां न निषीदति पौरुषे ।
शब्दार्थौ सत्कविरिव द्वयं विद्वानपेक्षते ॥

- शिशुपालवध

nAlambate daiShTikatAm na niShIdati pauruShe ।
shabdArthau satkaviriva dvayaM vidvAn apekShate ॥

- shishupAlavadha

Just like a good poet will always try to get this work to be a good combination of words and its meaning - we should also depend on both our efforts and will of the providence. Relying on only one of them will not be appropriate.

- Shishupalavadha

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