Wednesday, June 13, 2012

मनुस्मृति - शकुनैः फलपातने

नित्यमास्यं शुचि स्त्रीणां शकुनैः फलपातने ।
प्रसवे च शुचिर्वत्सः श्वा मृगग्रहणे शुचिः ॥

- मनुस्मृति

nityam Asyam shuchi strINAm shakunaiH phalapAtane ।
prasave cha shuchir vatsaH shvA mRugagrahaNe shuchiH ॥

- manu smRuti

A woman's face is always clean. Fruits that the birds drop (after eating half) are not to be considered dirty. The udder of a cow that is sucked by a calf is clean. If a dog brings the hunted meat, it is also considered clean - not dirty.

- Manu Smriti

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