Wednesday, June 20, 2012

भागवत - कर्म

नेह यत्कर्म धर्माय न विरागाय कल्पते ।
न तीर्थपदसेवायै जीवन्नपि मृतो हि सः ॥

- भागवत

neha yat karma dharmAya na virAgAya kalpate ।
na tIrthapada sevAyai jIvannapi mRuto hi saH ॥

- bhAgavata

Our actions must be to uphold Dharma, or to lead us to detachment (asceticism), or to serve noble wise men (who are worthy of service). If they do not meet any of the above, then we are as good as dead.

- Bhagavata

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