Friday, June 29, 2012

रामायणमञ्जरी - किष्किन्धा - मित्राणां सहाय

पदस्था विषमस्थानां मित्राणां न भवन्ति ये ।
आयासिता तैर्जननी गर्भभारेण केवलम् ॥

- रामायणमञ्जरी, किष्किन्धा

padasthA viShamasthAnAm mitrANAm na bhavanti ye ।
AyAsitA taiH jananI garbha bhAreNa kevalam ॥

- rAmAyanamanjarI, kiShkindhA

Those who do not help their friends in distress in spite of occupying high positions of power as useless alive. They only troubled their mothers by burdening her during pregnancy. There is no other achievement during their lives.

- Ramayanamanjari, Kishkindha

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