Saturday, July 14, 2012

सभारंजनशतक - पाषाणाः सर्व एव

पाषाणाः सर्व एवैते पद्मरागेषु को गुणः ।
प्रकाशः कश्चिदत्रस्तेऽपरत्र सन विद्यते ॥

- सभारंजनशतक

pAShANAH sarva eva ete padmarAgeShu ko guNaH ।
prakAshaH kashchid atrAste aparatra sa na vidyate ॥

- sabhAranjanashataka

Ultimately all gems are stones. What is so great about rubies (padmaraaga)? Yes, these have a glitter in them that other stones don't have. It is very usual for people to generalize and lose sight of a gem among the ordinary - people, qualities etc...

- Sabharanjanashataka

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