Saturday, July 28, 2012

सभारंजन शतक - बलिनः

बलिनो बलिनः स्निह्यंत्यबलं तु न गृह्णते ।
दावं दीपयते चण्डो दीपं व्याहन्ति मारुतः ॥

- सभारंजन शतक

balino balinaH snihanti abalam tu na gRuhNate ।
dAvam dIpayate chanDo dIpam vyahanti mArutaH ॥

- sabhAranjana shataka

The strong and powerful always make friendship with equals. They will not care about the weak. Wind will give more power to a equally powerful forest fire, but will kill a weak lamp light.

- Sabharanjana Shataka

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