Monday, August 20, 2012

कलिविडंबन - धर्मोऽर्थसाधनम्

यत्र भार्यागिरो वेद यत्र धर्मोऽर्थसाधनम् ।
यत्र स्वप्रतिभा मानं तस्मै श्रीकलये नमः ॥

- कलिविडंबन

yatra bhAryA giro veda yatra dharma artha sAdhanam ।
yatra svapratibhA mAnam tasmai shrIkale namaH॥

- kaliviDambana

You know that it is the time of Kali when people start considering words of their wives more seriously than the vedas, when living and preaching dharma becomes a means to earn livelihood, when everything is measured against self. We are definitely in that age.

- Kalividambana

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