Saturday, August 25, 2012

यशस्तिलक - शास्त्र शौर्य

यथास्त्ररहिते पुंसि वृथा शौर्यपरिग्रहः ।
तथोपन्यासहीनस्य वृथा शास्त्रपरिग्रहः ॥

- यशस्तिलक

yathA astra rahite pumsi vRuthA shaurya parigrahaH ।
tathA upanyAsa hInasya vRuthA shAstra parigrahaH ॥

- yashastilaka

A soldier may be very brave and courageous. His courage is useless if he does not have any weapons. Just like that, having lot of knowledge is useless if you can not articulate it well so that other people can understand.

- Yashastilaka

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