Thursday, August 30, 2012

कलिविडंबन - यति

यदि न क्वापि विद्यायां सर्वथा क्रमते मतिः ।
मांत्रिकास्तु भविष्यामो योगिनो यतयोपि वा ॥

- कलिविडंबन

yadi na kvApi vidyAyaam sarvathA kramate matiH ।
mAntrikAstu bhaviShyAmo yogino yatayo api vA ॥

- kaliviDambana

We could not learn any of the education streams since we could not understand them. But we will show off as the most knowledgeable people - magicians, saints or religious heads. That is when you know that you are living in the epoch of Kali (present times).

- Kalividambana

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