Tuesday, August 7, 2012

विवेक चूडामणि - दुःख

मस्तकन्यस्तभारादेर्दुःखमन्यैर्निवार्यते ।
क्षुधादिकृतदुःख तु विना स्वेन न केनचित् ॥

- विवेक चूडामणि

mastaka nyasta bhArAdeH duHkham anyaiH nivAryate ।
kShudAdi kRuta duHkham tu vinA svena na kenachit ॥

- viveka chUDAmaNi

If you are carrying a burden on your head, someone can help you by taking part of it. But there are some troubles - of hunger and mind that no one else can help you with. You have get through it by yourself.

- Viveka Chudamani

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