Friday, September 21, 2012

सौंदरनंद - लोक

लोके प्रकृतिभिन्नेऽस्मिन्न कश्चित् कस्यचित् प्रियः ।
कार्यकारणसंबद्धं वालुकामुष्टिवज्जगत् ॥

- सौंदरनंद

loke prakRuti bhinne asmin na kashchit kasyachit priyaH ।
kArya kAraNa saMbaddhaM vAlukA muShTivat jagat ॥

- saundarananda

In this world, different people will have different tastes. Nobody actually likes any other. They are all together just because they depend on each other for survival. They are all together just like grains of sand in a fist. If the fist loosens, they all go their own way.

- Saundarananda

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