Monday, September 24, 2012

रसगंगाधर - गुण

वंशभवो गुणवानपि
    संगविशेषेण पूज्यते पुरुषः ।
न हि तुंबीफलविकलो
    वीणादंडः प्रयाति महिमानम् ॥

- रसगंगाधर

vamshabhavo guNavAn api
    sangavisheSheNa pUjyate puruShaH।
na hi tumbIphalavikalo
    vINAdanDaH prayAti mahimAnam ॥

- rasagangadhara

It is not enough to be born in a good family or have unique qualities. One gets respected only when he is in company of noble people. The stick (made of bamboo) of the veena does not get any respect even with the strings(unique qualities) if it is not attached to the acoustic drum.

- Rasagangadhara

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