Monday, October 1, 2012

रसगंगाधर - खलाः

विद्वत्सु विमलज्ञाना विरक्ता यतिषु स्थिताः ।
स्वीयेषु च गरोद्गारा नानाकाराः क्षितौ खलाः ॥

- रसगंगाधर

vidvatsu vimala jnAnaa viraktA yatiShu sthitAH ।
svIyeShu cha garodgArA nAnA aakAraaH kShitau khalAH ॥

- rasagangAdhara

Wicked people in this world come in various forms. When they are in company of scholars, they are in the form of a realised soul (with clear mind). When in company of saints they look like ascetics. When they are among others of their own kind, they become very vicious and spit poison.

- Rasagangadhara

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