Friday, October 5, 2012

हरिहरसुभाषित - विना शीलेन वनिता

विना शीलेन वनिता वाग्मिता विद्यया विना ।
विनियोगैर्विना वित्तं मास्तु कस्यापि जीवनः ॥

- हरिहरसुभाषित

vinA shIlena vanitA vAgmitA vudyayA vinA।
viniyogairvinA vittam mAstu kasyApi jIvanaH ॥

- harihara subhAShita

Let nobody ever have these in their lives - a lady without character, an orator without education (wisdom) and wealth that is not used properly.

- Harihara Subhashita

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