Thursday, November 22, 2012

दृष्टान्तकलिका - कर्म

सुखदुःखे समे स्यातां जंतूनां कर्महेतुके ।
मूर्ध्नि स्थितानां केशानां भवेतां स्नेहछेदने ॥

- दृष्टान्तकलिका

sukha duHkhe same syAtAm jantUnAm karmahetuke ।
mUrdhni sthitAnAm keshAnAm bhavetAm sneha Chedane ॥

- dRuShTAnta kalikA

There will be happiness and sadness according to our actions. We should not expect only one kind of emotions always. The hair on our head will get the nourishment of oil on one day and get mercilessly cut on another day.

- Drushtantakalika

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