Monday, November 26, 2012

लघुशंखस्मृति - अनुग्रह

स्नेहाद्वा यदि वा लोभात् भयाद्ज्ञानतोऽपि वा ।
कुर्वन्यनुग्रहं ये तु तत्पापं तेषु गच्छति ॥

- लघुशंखस्मृति

snehAd vA yadi vA lobhAt bhayAd ajnAnato api vA ।
kurvanti anugraham ye tu tat pApam teShu gacChati ॥

- laghu shankha smRiti

If one give a donation (helps someone) out of friendship, fear, greed or ignorance - then the sins of the taker will be attributed to the giver. This is perhaps due to the encouragement given in the form of donation to commit the sin.

- Laghushankhasmriti

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