Tuesday, November 27, 2012

हालसप्तशती - अर्थ मित्र रूप ज्ञान

सोऽर्थो यो हस्ते तन्मित्रं यन्निरंतरं व्यसने ।
तद्रूपं यत्र गुणाः तद्विज्ञानं यत्र धर्मः ॥

- हालसप्तशती

sa artho yo haste tat mitram yat nirantaram vyasane ।
tat rUpam yatra guNAH tat vijnAnam yatra dharmaH ॥

- hAla sapta shatI

It is called wealth only when it is in your hands (liquid). He is a friend who stands by you always when you are in trouble. Beauty is complete only when there are good qualities in the person. It is knowledge only when it makes you follow the moral code of life (Dharma).

- Halasaptashati

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