Thursday, November 29, 2012

वाक्यपदीय - अनुमान

हस्तस्पर्शादिवांधेन विषमे पथि दावता ।
अनुमानप्रधानेन विनिपातो न दुर्लभः ॥

- वाक्यपदीय

hasta sparshAd iva andhaH viShame pathi dAvatA ।
anumAna pradhAnena vinipAto na durlabhaH ॥

- vAkyapadIya

A blind man finds his way by touching and feeling. Imagine him running on a treacherous course. He will often stumble and fall. It is a similar fate that awaits someone who undertakes a project based solely on a mere guess.

- Vakyapadiya

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