Tuesday, December 11, 2012

हरिहर सुभाषित - सुकृत

सुकृतेन कुले जन्म सुकृतेन सुभाषितम् ।
सुकृतेन सती भार्या सुकृतेन कृती सुतः ॥

- हरिहर सुभाषित

sukRutena kule janma sukRutena subhAShitam ।
sukRutena satI bhAryA sukRutena kRutI sutaH ॥

- harihara subhAShita

It is only by good fortune (as a result of good karma in previous lives) that one gets to be born in a good family, collect good subhashitas, get married to a lady of good character and get a son who will achieve something substantial.

- Harihara Subhashita

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