Sunday, December 16, 2012

भोजप्रबंध - महता

अनेके फणिनः संति भेकभक्षणतत्पराः ।
एक एव हि शेषोऽयं धरणीधरणक्षमः ॥

- भोजप्रबंध

aneka phaNinaH santi bheka bhakShiNa tatparAH ।
eka eva hi sheShaH ayam dharaNI dharaNa kShamaH ॥

- bhoja prabandha

There are many snakes who are immersed in their usual activities of swallowing frogs. But there is only one - Shesha who is capable of holding the weight of the entire earth.

- Bhojaprabandha

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