Friday, January 11, 2013

महाभारत - आदि - आत्म

एकोऽहमस्मीति च मन्यसे त्वं
    न हृच्छयं वेत्सि मुनिं पुराणम् ।
यो वेदिता कर्मणः पापकस्य
    तस्यांतिके त्वं वृजिनं करोषि ॥

- महाभारत, आदि

eko aham asmi iti cha manyase tvam
    na hRucChayam vetsi muniM purANam ।
yo veditA karmaNaH pApakasya
    tasyAMtike tvaM vRujinam karoShi ॥

- mahAbhArata, aadi

You are thinking that you are acting alone and there are no witnesses for your action. But you are forgetting about the greatest ancient saint who resides in your heart (God). He keeps track of all your actions and sins associated with them. How can you commit such sins in his presence?

- Mahabharata, Adi

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