Monday, January 7, 2013

पञ्चतंत्र - उपकारि साधुः

उपकारिषु यः साधुः साधुत्वे तस्य को गुणः ।
अपकारिषु यः साधुः स साधुः सद्भिरुच्यते ॥

- पञ्चतंत्र

upakAriShu yaH sAdhuH sAdhutve tasya ko guNaH ।
apakAriShu yaH sAdhuH sa sAdhuH sadbhiH uchyate ॥

- panchatantra

If you find a person helping others, he is mostly a virtuous person. there is nothing special there. But if you see a person not helping (hurting) others and he still a virtuous person, then that person is special and is showing real virtue.

- Panchatantra

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