Sunday, February 10, 2013

महाभारत - शान्ति - दान्तः

दान्तस्य किमरण्येन तथाऽदान्तस्य भारत ।
यत्रैव निवसेद्दान्तस्तदरण्यं स चाश्रमः ॥

- महाभारत, शान्ति

daantasya kim araNyena tathA adAntasya bhArata ।
yatraiva nivaset dAntaH tat araNyam sa cha AshramaH ॥

- mahAbhArata, shAnti

For a person with restraint, an abundant forest is nothing because he does not wish to own anything more than what he needs. For a person with out restraints, the forest again is not enough because the entire forest can not satiate him. Where ever the ascetic lives, that is a forest – that is also a hermitage.

- Mahabharata, Shanti

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