Tuesday, February 5, 2013

सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार - विराजते

दरिद्रता धीरतया विराजते
    कुरूपता श्रीलतया विराजते ।
कुभोजनं चोष्णतया विराजते
    कुवस्त्रता शुभ्रतया विराजते ॥

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

daridratA dhIratayaa virAjate
    kurUpataa shrIlatayA virAjate ।
kubhojanam cha uShNatayA virAjate
    kuvastratA shubhratayA virAjate ॥

- subhAShitaratnabhANDAgAra

Downside of poverty can to compensated by courage. If someone is not beautiful, then they can wear some ornaments. If food is not tasty, it can be remedied to some extent by heating. Clothes of bad quality can be kept clean to impress.

- Subhashitaratnabhandagara

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