Tuesday, March 12, 2013

महाभारत - वन - धर्म

प्रिये नातिभृशं हृष्येत् अप्रिये न च संज्वरेत् ।
न मुह्येदर्थच्छिद्रेषु न च धर्मं परित्यजेत् ॥

- महाभारत, वन

priye na ati bhRusham hRuShyet apriye na cha sanjvaret।
na muhyed artha cChidreShu na cha dharmaM parityajet ॥

- mahAbhArata, vana

When things happen as you like, you should not rejoice too much. You should not feel too sad when they go the other way also. When your wealth is destroyed, you should not lose your mind. One must not stray from the path of dharma ever.

- Mahabharata, Vana

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